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Do you work have assets that need to be recorded, certified, tracked?

Do these frustrations sound familiar? 

  • The tedium of manually entering serial numbers into an asset management system *
  • The frustration of correcting errors on the paperwork of incorrectly entered information or worse having your client point out the errors to you! *
  • Having to condemn a piece of equipment because it cannot be identified due to serial numbers being worn or torn off. *
  • The shear out of time taken to produce certification by manually inputting information I know I've experienced all of these when handling any equipment that requires identification.

As a service hand or a manager responsible for your companies asset management, you will likely have experienced the detrimental effect and wasted time manually entering inforamation!

Manually entering information is time-consuming, open to errors and looks highly unprofessional when get it wrong.

Implementing RFID into your workflow may well be the answer. 

James Penn Safety offer a couple of RFID options to suit your needs. EZYiD & EDELRID


Applying RFID to assets, or even structures is only limited by your imagination. This is not limited to working at height or rope access hardware.

Consider tagging: 

  • Ladders
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Skips
  • Hire equipment
  • Lifejackets
  • Immersion Suits
  • Tools 
  • Plant machinary

The possibilities are endless...



EZYiD is an industrial-strength, power-packed, micro-chipped tag and reader system that exponentially reduces audit and tracking times for small and large assets.

The system can be retrofitted on to virtually any asset you can think of,  or manufactured into products. 

Tags are available as dots, tape or cable ties depending on your application requirements. 

It will work with most software packages that use a cursor, so there is no need for expensive software purchases,

In fact, many of our customers find that a simple spreadsheet is sufficent, but having RFID input removes the manual entering element. 


Why is EZYiD different to other radio frequency identification tags?

EZYiD offers a unique difference in that the tag size is only 6.2mm in diameter.

What Software is required for EZYiD? 

No specific software is required for data upload or transfers. Data comes with the device for re-programing of serial numbers or read settings.

Are EZYiD tags Weatherproof?

Yes. Water proof, vibration tested, heat rated, (currently undergoing UV stabilisation).

Is an intrinsic or Atex rated reader available for the passive tags?

Yes, there is a solution available, please contact us for more information


EDELRID's System is extremely powerful, especially when used in conjunction with the free GEARPILOT App. 

GEARPILOT is an asset management application designed for EDELRID products, but it can be used for other manufacturers aswell. 

Designed with Adventure Parks and Working at Height Professionals in mind, GEARPILOT allows users to issue and returen hire equipment. Ideal for Adventure Centres.

It tracks the next service date of assets and will notify the user. 

Benefits of Inspecting Edelrid Equipment with GEARPILOT

If used with EDELRID equipment such as harnesses, lanyards or helemts, GEARPILOT displays the required service procedure and items to look out for on each piece of equipment. 

All EDELRID harnesses are capable of having RFID tags installed in them. There is usually a dedicated pouch clearly labled for easy scanning. 

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